datavibe is about the flow of information. information is only important to people; datavibe is about people. everything meaningful to most humans can be condensed into binary information: visual data (pictures, videos), sound data (music, voices, loops, samples), text data (email, instant messaging, etc). every heart-to-heart conversation you've ever had with every single one of your close friends, in audio and/or textual form (digitally), would fit comfortably on an inexpensive hard disk. somewhere in this universe or another, there exists some sequence of numbers, some string of bytes, that can make you laugh, or cry.

datavibe is about sharing information with others, relating to people through information. there are few things more valuable than the irretrivable 'best times of your life'. datavibe is about preserving the past and being ready for the future. the more things change, the more things stay the same.

datavibe is about capturing the present; once things are past, accurately capturing them is no longer an option. recording (audio and/or video), archiving (artifacts and handbills, etc) and photography are integral to this goal.

datavibe is about relating to other humans; meetings, conversations, and gatherings are some of the few things that hold any true meaning in today's society. email, mailing lists, and instant messaging are integral to this goal.

datavibe is evolving. our methods change constantly with the world around us.

nominally, datavibe is a unix system that hosts email and web pages and mailing lists (memories, thoughts, art, expression) for a bunch of people for free, along with an initiative to archive aspects of the world in which we live.

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