these rules are as short and clear as possible. if you are a member you really need to read them in full. i mean it. - terms of service (TOS)

datavibe requires certain guidelines to continue functioning smoothly for all of it's users. we consider ourselves much less restrictive and prohibitive than most service providers. please follow the few rules we do have carefully.

the first set of rules is absolute and applies to all accounts. the second set applies to almost all of the accounts on datavibe, with special provisions or exclusions for some users. if you have not been specifically authorized for additional privileges (you would know if you were), then assume that all of the second set applies to you. if you're still confused, email an administrator and ask.

datavibe administrator contact:

All accounts:
  1. accounts and access information are not to be shared with others. this includes your account password and any other authentication tokens or keys that you use to access datavibe.
  2. accounts and services may not be used to violate any local, state, or federal laws.
  3. accounts and services may not be used to send bulk unsolicted email, commercial or otherwise.
  4. accounts and services may not be used to deny any type of internet service to another user.
  5. membership is voluntary and may be terminated at any time with or without cause by either or the datavibe member without notice.
  6. membership is not a contract or agreement between and a datavibe member.
  7. datavibe administrators, maintainers, agents, or content providers do not warrant the service in any way, expressed or implied. we do not state or imply the merchantability of the service or it's fitness for any particular purpose. we are not liable for any damages incurred due to membership or use of any datavibe service or privilege.
  8. the last one, restated in english: at any time for any number of reasons outside of our control may cease to exist (although we will endeavor to prevent this from happening at all costs). we may go down for a week, we may run out of money or time and give up on the project, we may accidentally delete all of your irreplacable files and email. we will do our best (and we're quite good), but we aren't perfect. consider yourself warned.
  9. last, but not least, we reserve the right to add, update, delete, or modify these terms at any time without notice. however, we'll do our best to keep this url the same so you can always come to this page to view the latest version of this document. i doubt we'll ever need to add too much to this, if anything.

Most accounts: (this almost certainly means you):
(remember, the rules in this set are inherently suffixed with "unless otherwise instructed by a datavibe administrator.")
  1. accounts are to be used only for sending or recieving email and developing, editing, or maintaining your website or websites hosted on datavibe, and for personal file storage. any other use of your datavibe account is prohibited. some such excluded uses are accessing IRC, connecting to other servers, and compiling software.
  2. your email spool should not exceed 100MB (megabytes). if this poses a problem, you are encouraged to store your email in a file outside of your incoming mail spool file, such as a file in your home directory. email stored in such a manner is counted as personal file storage.
  3. each of your websites should be less than 500MB (megabytes) in size.
  4. each of your websites should not generate more than 3GB (gigabytes) per month per site in transfers.
  5. your personal files should not exceed 100MB (megabytes) in size.

These rules are of varying severity and consequence. Failure to comply with the important ones will result in immediate account suspension (and possibily deletion) without notice.

the rest of the rules are there to keep things running smoothly for everyone. most of the items that include the word "should" are usually pretty flexible, especially when things are running normally.

finally, please use common sense and courtesy when interpreting these rules. if you have any questions about the rules, concerns, or suggestions, please mail an administrator at thank you.

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