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if you have a question not answered here or you don't understand an answer posted on this page, please contact an administrator at admin@datavibe.net.

What are the fingerprints for datavibe's SSH server keys?
RSA1 key fingerprint is 74:56:8b:cd:d3:ab:53:2c:c6:22:f3:55:3a:bf:e3:3c.
RSA2 key fingerprint is 74:ea:18:81:a4:14:f9:99:5c:a8:de:8c:5f:25:d4:16.

do not attempt to login if you recieve different keys from the server, as it is highly probable someone is monkeying around.

how do i change my password?
login to your datavibe shell (instructions are in the next question) and issue the command "passwd" (without the quotes) at a shell prompt. It'll ask for your current password, then assist you in setting a new one. Your datavibe.net password should not be the same password you use for accessing accounts anywhere else.

how do i access my shell account?
obtain an ssh program for your computer (PuTTY, available at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/, is a good one for windows) and then use it to connect to datavibe.net. make sure you specify an SSH connection if your program supports other connection types (like telnet).

after entering your datavibe username and password, you should now be looking at a prompt ending in a dollar sign. that's it.

PS: the 'exit' command closes a shell session.

How do I check my datavibe email?
You can check your datavibe email by logging in via SSH and using a unix email program such as pine or mutt, or you can use an email client on your own computer such as Eudora or Outlook/Outlook Express. Many users choose to use a unix email program because it leaves all the email in one place (on the server) and can be accessed in the same way anywhere you have internet access.

to use pine or mutt, just login to your datavibe.net shell with ssh (explained in this faq) and type "pine" or "mutt" at the prompt.

Instructions for accessing email with a desktop email client are covered by the next question.

What are the settings for using Eudora or Outlook/Outlook Express to access my email?
All mail programs are different, so I can't give exact instructions. Find your mail program's settings, and enter the following::

Incoming Mail Server / POP3 Server: datavibe.net
Outgoing Mail Server / SMTP Server: use the smtp server provided by your ISP
POP3 Username: this is your datavibe.net login name.
POP3 Password: this is your datavibe.net password.
Return address: depending on your account type, this is either anything-you-want-here@your-domain-name.com or your-datavibe-username@datavibe.net

How do I create my website?
All datavibe accounts have a website address by default. Create a directory called public_html (all lowercase) in your home directory if it's not already there and put your website files in there. it will be accessible at:


where username is your datavibe username.

people with domain names and multiple sites will have different directories for their sites. if it's not clear by the filenames in your home directory, ask an administrator for help.

How do I upload files to my website?
Use of scp (secure copy) is the preferred method and works for all accounts at all times. It's also (duh) more secure than most other methods. WinSCP is a great free tool for this on windows. The host to connect to is datavibe.net. You will also need to enter your datavibe username and password. Please do not store your password in the settings of your scp program.

If you can't use scp for whatever reason (for example, you want to use a webcam program that only supports FTP), then you'll need to contact an administrator so that your account can be enabled for FTP access (so you won't get an error when you try to upload).

My website is giving me a permissions error. How do I fix it?
Directory indexing is disabled by default on the /~username/ style url websites. If you don't have an index.html or index.php file in a directory, it will give this error instead of listing the files to prevent people from seeing all the files you have in your web directories.

If you already have an index document, or you're accessing a specific filename and you're still getting this error, it's probably because your files aren't set to be world-readable. You can fix this by logging into your datavibe shell via ssh (i.e. with PuTTY) and then entering the following command at the prompt:

chmod -R a+r ~/public_html

If you're still having problems, get in touch.

How do I know if datavibe is down? / Where can I go for datavibe status information?
datavibe's announcements regarding status and downtime are maintained at livejournal.


it's in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent first.

Where can I get a domain name? / How do I register a domain?
we recommend dotster.com for registering domains.

you will need nameservers. at the moment, the nameservers for datavibe are ns3.datavibe.net and ns4.datavibe.net. these may change in the future, and you may need to update your domain information if that occurs. check your datavibe email and the datavibe status page regularly to be notified of when you may need to do this.

after your domain is registered, let us know so that we can configure your website and email accounts to use it.

How can I donate to datavibe?
the things we need right now are funding and some specific computer hardware. please contact us at admin@datavibe.net for a mailing address or a current list of the hardware we need.

I've got this friend who needs a website/email address. Can you give him/her an account?
Assuming we're accepting new users, we almost certainly can. Have your friend drop us an email with a request.

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