datavibe was founded in february of 1999 by shido and sneak with the intent of starting a for-profit web hosting company. after becoming disillusioned with the web hosting market, datavibe changed focus about 18 months later and continued offerring all of its services to its (then) current members for free. shortly before that time, shido and sneak split administrative ways and datavibe became solely sneak's project. in recent times (late 2001), datavibe has expanded into an attempt to archive significant moments to its members and to culture as a whole. we accomplish this by providing many digitial information communications services (web, email, lists, instant messaging, data archiving, etc) to our members and, to a lesser extent, the world.

i have many ideas for the future of datavibe, some of which will be implemented as the resources become available and the time for such initiatives comes to be. the prospects for the future of datavibe still hold significant excitement for me to this day.

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